2022/2023 Show Schedule

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December 6-11, 2022Desert Holiday II - POINTED*Thermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comN1x
December 14-18, 2022Desert Holiday III - POINTED*Thermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comN1x
January 4-8, 2023Desert Circuit I - POINTED*Thermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
January 11-15, 2023Desert Circuit IIThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
January 18-22, 2023Desert Circuit IIIThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
January 25-29, 2023Seaside Equestrian Tour I Del Mar, CAwww.jump-nee.comR 1x
January 29, 2023Fun Under The SunLos Angeles, CAwww.ka-productions.comR1
February 1-5, 2023Desert Circuit IVThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
February 1-5, 2023Seaside Equestrian Tour IIDel Mar, CAwww.jump-nee.comR1x
February 8-12, 2023Desert Circuit VThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
February 8-12, 2023Kachina ClassicTucson, AZwww.arizonawintercircuit.comN3x
February 8-12, 2023Seaside Equestrian Tour IIIDel Mar, CAwww.jump-nee.comR1x
February 15-19, 2023Desert Circuit VIThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
February 15-19, 2023Tuscon Winter ClassicTucson, AZwww.arizonawintercircuit.comN3x
February 15-19, 2023Northern Winter Classic IRancho Murieta, CAwww.northernwinterclassics.comN2x
February 22-26, 2023Northern Winter Classic IIRancho Murieta, CAwww.northernwinterclassics.comN2x
February 22-26, 2023Sahuaro Winter ClassicTucson, AZwww.arizonawintercircuit.comN3x
February 22-26, 2023Seaside Equestrian Tour IVDel Mar, CAwww.jump-nee.comR1x
February 24, 2023Gold Coast February 1Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
February 25, 2023Gold Coast February 2Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
February 26, 2023Gold Coast February 3Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
March 1-5, 2023Arizona Winter ClassicTucson, AZwww.arizonawintercircuit.comN3x
March 1-5, 2023Desert Circuit VIIThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
March 1-5, 2023Northern Winter Classic IIIRancho Murieta, CAwww.northernwinterclassics.comN2x
March 1-5, 2023Seaside Equestrian Tour VDel Mar, CAwww.jump-nee.comR1x
March 8-12, 2023Desert Circuit VIIIThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
March 8-12, 2023Northern Winter Classic IVRancho Murieta, CAwww.northernwinterclassics.comN2x
March 8-12, 2023Seaside Equestrian Tour VIDel Mar, CAwww.jump-nee.comR1x
March 15-19, 2023Desert Circuit IXThermal, CAwww.deserthorsepark.comP1x
March 17-19, 2023Goldmine @GalwayTemecula, CA www.southwestshowmangement.comW1
March 19, 2023Paddock March Madness H/J ShowLos Angeles, CAwww.ka-productions.comR1
March 24-26, 2023LA Spring Classic 1 - CANCELLEDBurbank, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN1x
March 29 - April 2, 2023LA Spring Classic 2Burbank, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN1x
March 30 - April 2, 2023Sacramento Spring Classic 1Rancho Murieta, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN2x
April 4-8, 2023Blenheim Spring Classic 1San Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comP1x
April 6-9, 2023Sacramento Spring Classic 2Rancho Murieta, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN2x
April 12-16, 2023Blenheim Spring Classic 2San Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
April 16, 2023Foxfield SpringWestlake Village, CAwww.foxfield.comR1
April 19-23, 2023Temecula Valley National Premier ITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
April 26-30, 2023Woodside Spring Classic 1Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
April 26-30, 2023Temecula Valley National Premier IITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
April 27-30, 2023Flintridge Annual Horse ShowLa Canada-Flintridge, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN1x
May 3-7, 2023Woodside Spring Classic 2Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
May 5, 2023Gold Coast Spring 1Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
May 6, 2023Gold Coast Spring 2Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
May 7, 2023Gold Coast Spring 3Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
May 9-14, 2023Blenheim Ranch & Coast ClassicSan Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
May 10-14, 2023SHP Spring Classic ISonoma, CAN2x
May 17-21, 2023Blenheim Surf & Turf ClassicSan Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
May 17-21, 2023SHP Spring Classic IISonoma, CAN2x
May 19, 2023Gold Coast May 1Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
May 20, 2023Gold Coast May 2Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
May 21, 2023Gold Coast May 3Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
May 24-28, 2023HMI Otter Be HereRancho Murieta, CAwww.headlandsmanagement.comN2x
May 24-28, 2023Temecula Valley National ITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
May 31 - June 4, 2023HMI Equestrian ChallengeRancho Murieta, CAwww.headlandsmanagement.comN2x
May 31 - June 4, 2023Temecula Valley National IITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
June 4, 2023Fun Under The Sun IILos Angeles, CAwww.ka-productions.comR1
June 7-11, 2023Let's Show Beach PartyElk Grove, CAwww.letsshow.netR2
June 7 - 11, 2023Temecula Valley National IIITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
June 9, 2023Gold Coast June 1Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
June 10, 2023Gold Coast June 2Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
June 11, 2023Gold Coast June 3Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
June 14-18, 2023Woodside Summer Classic 1Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
June 14-18, 2023Blenheim June Classic 1San Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comP1x
June 21-25, 2023Woodside Summer Classic 2Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
June 21-25, 2023Blenheim June Classic 2San Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
June 28-July 2, 2023Blenheim June Classic 3San Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
June 28-July 2, 2023HMI Equestrian ClassicRancho Murieta, CAwww.headlandsmanagement.comN2x
July 5-9, 2023HMI Kindness ClassicRancho Murieta, CAwww.headlandsmanagement.comN2x
July 7, 2023Gold Coast July 1Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
July 8, 2023Gold Coast July 2Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
July 9, 2023Gold Coast July 3Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
July 16, 2023Foxfield SummerWestlake Village, CAwww.foxfield.comR1
July 18-23, 2023Blenheim Summer FestivalSan Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comP1x
July 25-30, 2023Blenheim Racing FestivalSan Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
July 26-30, 2023SHP Summer ClassicSonoma, CAP2x
July 30, 2023Paddock July H/J ShowLos Angeles, CAwww.ka-productions.comR1
August 2-6, 2023Giant Steps Charity ClassicSonoma, CAP2x
August 4, 2023Gold Coast August 1Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
August 5, 2023Gold Coast August 2Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
August 6, 2023Gold Coast August 3Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
August 11-13, 2023Huntington Beach Summer ClassicHuntington Beach, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN1x
August 16 - 20, 2023LA Summer ClassicBurbank, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN1x
August 23-27, 2023Silicon Valley Equestrian Festival 1Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
August 30 - September 3, 2023Silicon Valley Equestrian Festival 2Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2
September 1, 2023Gold Coast Labor Day 1Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
September 2, 2023Gold Coast Labor Day 2Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1
September 3, 2023Gold Coast Labor Day 3Burbank, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
September 6-10, 2023HMI Seal of ApprovalRancho Murieta, CAwww.headlandsmanagement.comN2x
September 8-10, 2023Portuguese Bend NationalRolling Hills Estates, CAwww.pcch.netN1x
September 13-17, 2023Blenheim Fall TournamentSan Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
September 13-17, 2023HMI Strides & TidesRancho Murieta, CAwww.headlandsmanagement.comN2x
September 15-17, 2023Back to SchoolElk Grove, CAwww.letsshow.netR2
September 17, 2023Fun Under The Sun 3Los Angeles, CAwww.ka-productions.comR1
September 20-24, 2023Blenheim International Jumping FestivalSan Juan Capistrano, CAwww.theplacetojump.comN1x
September 27-Oct. 1, 2023Sacramento International Welcome WeekRancho Murieta, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN2x
September 28 - October 1, 2023Flintridge Autumn ClassicLa Canada-Flintridge, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN1x
October 4-8, 2023Sacramento International World Cup WeekRancho Murieta, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comN2x
October 6, 2023Gold Coast October 1Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
October 7, 2023Gold Coast October 2Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
October 8, 2023Gold Coast October 3Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
October 4-8, 2023Temecula Valley National Fall ITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
October 10 - 11, 2023Temecula Valley National Fall IITemecula, CA www.jump-nee.comN1x
October 18-22, 2023Murieta Autumn ClassicRancho Murieta, CAwww.murietaautumnclassic.comN2x
October 25-29, 2023Let's Show HalloweenRancho Murieta, CAwww.letsshow.netR2
October 27-29, 2023Huntington Beach SpooktacularHuntington Beach, CAwww.westpalmsevents.comR1
November 5, 2023Paddock Fall Festival H/J ShowLos Angeles, CAwww.ka-productions.comR1
November 17, 2023Gold Coast November 1Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
November 18, 2023Gold Coast November 2Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR1
November 19, 2023Gold Coast November 3Sylmar, CAwww.langershows.comR/W1
December 1-3, 2023Gold Coast FinaleBurbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1