2024 Show Schedule

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November 29-December 3, 2023Desert Holiday 1Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
December 1-3, 2023Gold Coast FinaleBurbank, CAwww.langershows.comR1x
December 6-10, 2023Desert Holiday 2Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
January 10-14, 2024Desert Circuit 1Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
January 17-21, 2024Desert Circuit 2Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
January 24-28, 2024Desert Circuit 3Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
January 28, 2024Fun Under Under The Sun ILos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
January 31- February 4, 2024Desert Circuit 4Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
February 7-11, 2024Desert Circuit 5Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
February 11, 2024Paddock February Hunter/Jumper ShowLos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
February 14-18, 2024Desert Circuit 6Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
February 14-18, 2024Northern Winter Classic IRancho Murieta, CA www.northernwinterclassics.comN1x
February 21-25, 2024Desert Circuit 7Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
February 21-25, 2024Northern Winter Classic IIRancho Murieta, CA www.northernwinterclassics.comN1x
February 28 - March 3, 2024Desert Circuit 8Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
February 28 - March 3, 2024Northern Winter Classic IIIRancho Murieta, CA www.northernwinterclassics.comN1x
March 6-10, 2024Desert Circuit 9Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
March 6-10, 2024Northern Winter Classic IVRancho Murieta, CA www.northernwinterclassics.comN1x
March 13-17, 2024Desert Circuit 10Thermal, CAwww.deserthorspark..comP1x
March 21-24, 2024Shamrockin' ShowPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comR2x
March 27-30, 2024LA Spring ClassicLos Angeles, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN1x
March 27-30, 2024Sacramento Spring Classic 1Rancho Murieta, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
April 3-7, 2024Sacramento Spring Classic 2Rancho Murieta, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
April 6, 2024Fun Under Under The Sun IILos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
April 10-14, 2024Paso Park Welcome ClassicPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comN2x
April 17-21, 2024Paso Park Spring ClassicPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comN2x
April 24-28, 2024Woodside Spring Classic 1Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
April 25-28, 2024Flintridge Annual Horse ShowFlintridge, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN1x
May 1-5, 2024Woodside Spring Classic 2Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
May 5, 2024Paddock May Day Hunter/Jumper showLos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
May 23-26, 2024Rose In MayPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comR2x
June 2, 2024Fun Under Under The Sun IIILos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
June 12-16, 2024Woodside Summer Classic 1Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
June 19-23, 2024Woodside Summer Classic 2Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
June 20-23, 2024LA June ClassicLos Angeles, CA www.westpalmsevents.comR1x
July 28, 2024Paddock July Hunter/Jumper ShowLos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
August 14-18, 2024LA Summer ClassicLos Angeles, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN1x
August 21-25, 2024Silicone Valley Equestrian Festival 1Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
August 28-September 1, 2024Silicone Valley Equestrian Festival 2Woodside, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
September 6-8, 2024Portuguese Bend National Horse ShowRolling Hills Estates, CAwww.pcch.netN1
September 15, 2024Fun Under Under The Sun IVLos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
September 25-29, 2024Sacramento International Welcome WeekRancho Murieta, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
October 2-6, 2024Sacramento International Horse ShowRancho Murieta, CA www.westpalmsevents.comN2x
October 10-13, 2024Paso Pumpkins & PoniesPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comR2x
October 17-21, 2024Murieta Autumn ClassicRancho Murieta, CA www.northernwinterclassics.comN2x
October 30-November 3, 2024Paso Park Fall ClassicPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comN2x
Sunday, November 03, 2024Paddock Fall Festival Hunter/Jumper showLos Angeles, CA www.ka-productions.comR1
November 6-10, 2024Paso Park Oak Tree ClassicPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comN2x
November 14-17, 2024Turkey Trot & JumpPaso Robles, CA www.pasorobleshorsepark.comR2x